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Research at a glance

We run our interdisciplinary research programs for five years at a time. The thematically and temporally limited programs allow us to react flexibly to social and technical developments. The topics of the research programs are identified in a structured process in the CAIS Research Incubator.

The ELSI (Ethical, Legal and Social Issues) research department explores digital transformation from ethical, legal and social science perspectives. The RDM (Research Data & Methods) department focuses on digital methods.

In addition, CAIS conducts research in projects and research partnerships funded by third-party funds.

Research Programs

CB Forschungsprogramm

Digital democratic innovations

Over the next five years, the research program headed by Prof. Christoph Bieber will explore digital democratic innovations. The focus is on the change of democracy in a digital society and the possibilities for shaping it.

CB Forschungsprogramm

Educational technologies and artificial intelligence

Under the direction of Prof. Nikol Rummel, the research program investigates how the potential of digitization can be used productively in educational contexts.

Research departments


ELSI – Ethical, Legal and Social Issues

The ELSI team looks at the digital transformation from an ethical, legal and social issues perspective.

Symbolbild Workshop

RDM – Research Data & Methods

The Research Data & Methods team deals with digital methods, research data management and Open Science.

Das Team Forschungsinkubator

Research incubator

In a structured process, CAIS explores potentially important topics in digitization research in the Research Incubator.

Third-party funded projects

CB Forschungsprogramm

MeMo:KI – Opinion Monitor Artificial Intelligence

Monitoring population opinion and reporting on artificial intelligence in Germany.

CB Forschungsprogramm

Completed projects

Here you can find an overview of already completed projects.